Pac Token
Token Type
Total Available Supply
Token Contract Address:


1,000,000,000 PAC (1 Billion)
Private Sale/Celebrenue
Wallet Address:


500,000,000 PAC (50%)
Team Allocation
Smart Contract Address:


Team’s Wallet Address:


100,000,000 PAC (10%)
Wallet Address:


100,000,000 PAC (10%)
Wallet Address:


50,000,000 PAC (5%)
Community & Marketing
Wallet Address:


50,000,000 PAC (5%)
Future Development
Wallet Address:


200,000,000 PAC (20%)
  1. There will be a total of 0.8 Billion tokens available for sale.
  2. The maximum cap for private sale will be 0.5 Billion (50%). Tokens unsold during the private sale will be sold through the Celebrenuer platform.
  3. The maximum quantity for IEO is 0.1 Billion (10%).
  4. The team's allocation will be vested over 3 years.
  5. Escrow tokens are to replace the Tokens of other celebrities that are unable to fulfil their obligations due to unexpected death or total / permanent disability. The Escrow pool will consist of 5% of all Celebrity Tokens created by GCOX.
    In the unfortunate event of death or total / permanent disability of a celebrity within 10 years of the issuance of the celebrity’s tokens, the holders of that particular celebrity token will be allowed to do a current market value exchange with another Celebrity Token from the Escrow Pool.

In order to maintain a healthy PAC tokenomics, different methods of burning PAC Tokens will be introduced via different channels, keeping the token supply low while enhancing the value of the remaining tokens. This will also enhance the utility of PAC Tokens in circulation.

Possible methods of token burning may include and are not limited to:

  1. A Limited piece of Boxing Glove from one of Manny Pacquaio's fight is up for auction. All PAC Tokens collected from the auction will be will be burned;
  2. GCOX conducts a Manny Pacquiao T-shirt design competition. To participate, there is an entry fee of 10 PAC Tokens. All entry fees collected will be burned;
  3. Manny Pacquiao holds a 1-day boxing crash course. To participate, there is an entry fee of 1000 PAC Tokens. All entry fees collected will be burned;
  4. Partial trading fees generated from trading of PAC on GCOX exchange will be burned.

All to be burned tokens will be sent to wallet address "0xde9462B4e8B1a4872169C94255D92d14303F3A63" before burning. This will ensure a transparent token burning mechanism and also represents GCOX’s commitment to our highly valued investors to promote a sense of stability and reliability for the PAC Token project Development.