Initiated by legendary boxing superstar and PacPay’s key investor Sen. Manny Pacquiao.PacPay aims to connect over 100 million fans all around the world in one global digital payment ecosystem


Card Solution: PacPay Debit Card (Fiat) & PacPay Rewards Mobile App


Fintech Solution: PacPay E-money Mobile Application


Cardless Solution: PacPay Digital Payment Gateway

Be a PIONEER of Manny Pacquiao’s PAC Ecosystem! Spend using PacPay and enjoy exclusive PAC REWARDS MINING PERKS!
  • Receive FREE PAC TOKENS as you spend!
  • Redeem Exclusive Merchandises autographed by Manny Pacquiao and other global celebrities!
  • Bid for Limited Edition Merchandises via Celeb-Auction
  • Connect and Interact with Manny Pacquiao via Celeb-Connect and Fan-Connect
  • Receive PAC Loyalty Points and redeem VIP tickets for international boxing matches, concerts, shows and exclusive “money-cannot-buy” private events
  • Enjoy exclusive lifestyle perks and discounts for products and services from global merchants
  • Convert PAC Loyalty Points to Celeb-Charity Dollars to support Manny Pacquiao’s advocacies to help people in need
  • Use your PAC Rewards to pay transaction fees