Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao (born 17 December 1978) is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines. He currently ranks number 4 in BoxRec's ranking of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time. In 2016, Pacquiao was ranked number 2 on ESPN's list of top pound-for-pound boxers of the past 25 years.


PAC Token

PAC Tokens (PAC) rides on the advantage of blockchain by transforming the popularity and brand of Manny Pacquiao into crypto tokens which are quantifiable and exchangeable. Millions of fans will now be able to get closer to their idol Manny Pacquiao by having access to his bespoke fan-celebrity programmes powered by GCOX via a revolutionary blockchain e-wallet and e-payment solution called “Pacpay”. This revolutionary digital payment system is set to change the way users interact within the PAC Token ecosystem.



GCOX Exchange is a global trading platform where user can buy, sell and trade Celebrity Tokens.


Celebrities will share their success stories, fulfil personal wish-list items requested by fans and connect via pay-preview live streaming.


A unique and bespoke talent discovery platform to allow fans to have greater engagement with their favourite celebrities and to be discovered by movers and shakers of the entertainment industry.


Fans can purchase exclusive celebrity merchandises and global merchants will be invited on board to list their products and services.



We provide a convenient and accessible platform for celebrities and fans to participate in selected charitable projects around the world.


Pacpay is an e-wallet and e-payment mobile application as well as a point-of-sale solution that allows users and merchants to make purchases or accept payments using both PAC Tokens and fiat currency. The vision of Pacpay is to be the leading e-wallet and e-payment mobile application for everyone. Customers are envisaged to be able to pay for their groceries, purchase movie tickets, book flights and more, with the usage of Pacpay.

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